Just a few words to keep you all up to speed – things are starting to get going after the winter break. Boats are already going back in the water ready for this year’s great summer I think! My health journey seems to be going in the right direction due to the best modern day treatments and I am so glad to be back!Doug & Digger 460We now have extra staff working with me two days a week in the shape of Tom Johnson. Tom has been around working with FACT for the past three years and now splits him time between TSL and FACT, it’s good to have him onboard – he’s a great all-rounder and a safe pair of hands. We also welcome some volunteers during the week, from a Colchester based group called GO4 Enterprises which helps young adults get back into the working world, I’m glad to have them around because we’ve done lots of site improvements.GO4_460

Otis Martin, Tom Johnson and Rob Hazelwood