How much water access do I have around the tide?

It depends on the location of the berth, your boat draught and tide height. Speak to the Boatyard manager to get an understanding.


Where can I plug into 240 volt power?

The hardstanding is served by site boxes, and the dock has power.


How do I fill up with fresh water?

There are standpipes throughout the berthing area and hardstanding. Obtain a key from the Boatyard manager and use your own hose.


Will I have foot access to the berth at all states of the tide?

No, at high spring tides, the paths and walkways cover, sometimes for an hour.


What are the car parking arrangements?

As you drive into the property between the first and second Sail Loft, you’ll find the car park on the right; please park in the bays indicated. If the park is full, then you can park on the hardstanding, but please be aware of crane movements and blocking owner’s access to their boats.


What general facilities are there on site?

Toilets & showers, with passcode entry, code available from the Boatyard manager. Wheel barrows to move gear, please return to refuse area. Waste disposal, including oil dump and chemical toilet drain. Most vessels up to 8 tonnes can be launched & recovered and hardstanding is available.


If I want to leave and terminate my berth, how much notice do I need to give?

Sixteen weeks written notice (Berthing Licence s.10.1).