Our saltmarsh site has 120 mud berths; these are natural berths, each of which has a timber staging which provides good shore access. A well maintained network of footpaths and board walks provides easy access to the berths. Water access to the creek is dependent on the tide and the depth of the vessel – we enjoy between one/two hours either side of high tide.

See also details on inclusive customer facilties.

We have a Mooring Guide available to download, for guidance on tying up your vessel.

Mooring charges, 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020
£150.00 per metre LOA per annum
• Includes one small working tender, up to 3 metres
• Includes winter hardstanding if required

Visitors: £1.50 per metre per night (24 hour rate)

For more info, go to our Charges, Ts&Cs page.

Read more about our moorings in this Yachting Monthly article on Mud Berthing Know How.

YM April 2013 quote and pic

Some of the moorings available at Tollesbury